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The Story of Me

Hi my name is Andrea and I’m the Owner of “Slicks” Wax & Skin.

As an adult I struggled with acne where I found myself drastically changing my diet, going to dermatologists, buying the $100 creams, getting regular facials but I never found that “magical cure”. I continued to struggle with acne into my mid thirties and I’m sure the surgical mask I wore for hours and hours every day as a Certified Surgical Technologist didn’t help matters. 

My struggle with adult acne led me on a career path that progressed into the aesthetic field where I found my true dream and passion of wanting to help others with their skin struggles, as I know first hand how difficult it can be. 

I have a long list of training and medical experience that dates back to almost 20 years giving me the knowledge and skills to provide professional, high-quality waxing and skincare services, but that’s not why you should come to me. After one visit with me, you will see that I am passionate and caring, and my personality traits parallel with the qualities needed to be an effective, compassionate skin and wax expert. 

If it’s your first Brazilian, don’t worry. You will be astounded by how comfortable you will feel. Schedule an appointment with me and see for yourself how different a waxing experience can be. One visit and you will agree: it’s the best wax you’ll ever have. Seriously.

If a Brazilian isn’t your thing, don’t worry, I offer a variety of great skincare services that you will surely love. I believe that healthy skin starts with a handful of plants and a serious dose of skincare science to create a natural, youthful glow for clients of all ages.

I am fortunate enough to still combine my love of surgery by working two days a week as a Certified Surgical Technologist and own my business where I love meeting new faces. Because I have an eagerness to dive deeper into the root cause of different skin struggles I regularly attend continuing education classes to further my knowledge, and re-spark my love for skincare, and new ways I can help my clients.  

I grew up in Washington on a hobby farm. I have had every farm animal there was at one time or another. I showed animals at the local fair, I competed in Jr Rodeo’s and became a rodeo queen that later led me to meeting my husband. I moved to Montana in 2016 where I continued working as a Certified Surgical Technologist, but soon realized with the help of my husband that I could pursue my dream in aesthetics.

In my free time you can find me hanging out with my husband David, and our two Yorkies Tucker & Tyce. In the summer we travel to rodeo’s across Montana, Washington, Idaho, and Canada.  We have a small, but growing cattle herd of our own. We also love to attend branding’s and riding our horses, enjoying the great landscapes of Montana.